This webpage contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). It is quite likely that you will find the answer to your question here.

Questions about the company

What does the StableCryptoCapital Ltd company represent?
The activity of our company is aimed at the cryptocurrency trading and providing investment services worldwide. Our company is registered in the UK under the number 12350271 and is under the jurisdiction of this State. Any kind of investment activities and fiduciary management services are carried out on legal grounds.

Where is your company office situated?
The head office is located at the following address: 30 Old Bailey, London, England, EC4M 7AU

Is your activity legal?
The legality of our company's activities can be judged by the presence of all registration documents and licenses allowing us to attract private investment. You can look up the company's official documents in the footer of every page.

Do you keep the personal data of the project participants safe?
Yes, we have taken all possible measures to protect customers' personal information from getting to third parties. We are using the strongest DDoS protection in the industry with 100% up-time guarantee. Transfer information from and to our website is realized and ciphered by SSL Encryption.


Can I become an investor if I am under 18?
No, we only work with adult citizens.

Do I have to pay for registration?
No, registration on the site is free, all the money received in your account will be used exclusively for investment activities.

How to create a personal account?
The registration process on the website is quite simple. You need to fill out the fields of the registration form, which include the name and nick-name of the user, his email address and password.

I filled out the registration form, but did not get access to the personal account, what is the reason?
You may have filled out the registration form incorrectly. Try to do it again, and if you fail, contact our managers in technical support.

Can I create multiple accounts?
If we find accounts created from the same IP address, we will have to block them. The money in the account will be frozen without the right of return.

Can I change my password?
Yes, any user can change the password in his personal profile.

I can't log in to my account because I forgot my password, how can I recover it?
Fill in a special form to recover your password. After that, you will get an e-mail with detailed instructions.

I want to change my e-mail. How can I do this?
We do not recommend changing the e-mail address, as it allows us to identify the user and thus protect his account from hacking. However, in exceptional cases, this might be possible after contacting support.

Investment activities

Where to start investing?
After registration, you need to familiarize yourself with investment rates and replenish the deposit by the corresponding amount.

Which payment methods do you accept?
At the moment we work with PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash.

How long does it take to receive money from the wallet to my deposit?
As a rule, money is credited to your account instantly, but it depends on the features of a particular payment system.

Do you charge a transaction fee?
No, both deposit and withdrawal of funds are carried out without any fees, except for those provided by payment systems.

How many tariff plans are available for one user?
We do not prevent investors from getting unlimited income, so each project participant can purchase any number of tariff plans.

I want to reinvest the funds received, is it possible?
Of course. You have the right to dispose of the profits at your own discretion, including reinvesting them in the project.

Can I cancel the financial transactions on the website?
No, you cannot. All the operations are deemed final and are executed immediately.

I have repeatedly lost money on investments, can I trust your company?
Customer trust and deposit protection are guaranteed by the creation of a reserve fund, which under adverse circumstances will become a source of fulfillment of our financial obligations.

What is the profitability of tariff plans and can it be increased?
The description of each tariff plan contains information on the amount of daily charges. This indicator is the same for all investors and cannot be changed individually.

Withdrawal of funds

Is there a withdrawal limit?
Restrictions apply only to the minimum amount, which can not be lower than $0.4 no other conditions for money withdrawal.

I have created a withdrawal request, but there is still no money in the wallet. How long do I have to wait?
The transfer of money to your wallet will take place within 48 business hours of the application, as we perform all transactions manually for security reasons.

Why can't I withdraw money to my wallet?
Most likely the reason is as follows, you can withdraw funds only to the wallet from which you replenished the deposit. If you changed your payment details when withdrawing funds, this application will be rejected. If the reason is something else, contact technical support to fix the problem.

Affiliate program

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we have developed special conditions for those users who want to receive additional income by inviting new participants to our project.

What can I get from participating in an affiliate program?
The affiliate program allows project participants to receive additional profit in the amount of 5% of each deposit opened by invited persons.

How to invite new participants to the project?
You can find a referral link in your account, which has two goals - it allows beginners to go to our website and serves as an identifier for a partner who is entitled to a partner fee for attracting new investors.

Can I use the affiliate link to create my own account?
No, the company's rules prohibit such actions, which are considered by the site administration as fraudulent and are punished by blocking accounts and freezing accounts.

I do not have an active deposit, can I become a partner?
The fact of registration on the website is enough to be able to participate in the affiliate program. By receiving a partnership reward, you will be able to earn funds to purchase an investment plan or bring the income received to your wallet.

I have no desire to attract other participants, can I refuse to participate in an affiliate program?
Participation in both investment activities and affiliate program is voluntary.

Other questions

I still have unresolved questions, how can I find the answer?
Our support team will help each client to solve the problem and will find the answer to any question.

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